Foremost Boat Insurance

Foremost Boat Insurance

Foremost Insurance Agency Provides a range of insurance products to choose from. They have a variety of plans available for watercraft and boat insurance. The Foremost boat insurance reviews have been very good in the market for over the years. If you wan to purchase a Boat Insurance for yourself, foremost boat insurance could be the best fit for you.

Foremost Boat Insurance

Foremost Boat Insurance Packages

There are different kinds of package including:
1. Saver – Best for those who have a small budget and looking for some really good insurance option for their boat.
2. Plus – A Flagship package that provides best value for the money. It has some very good features such as:

  • Agreed Value/Total Loss Replacement Cost Settlement
  • Hurricane Haul-Out
  • Depreciation Deferral
  • Diminishing Deductible
  • Watersports Liability

3. Elite – Perfect for those who want the best features and Bes tvalue for money and protection. It has the following features:

  • Boat Lifts/Hoists/Cradles
  • Pollution Liability up to the OPA limit
  • Dinghy or Tender
  • Loss Forgiveness
  • Fishing Tournament Fees
  • Enhanced Towing Services
  • Pets
  • Extended Total Loss Replacement Cost; Extended Depreciation Deferral, and even more Hurricane Haul-Out coverage
  • Trip Interruption
  • Bahamas and Mexico Navigation

4. Pontoon & Pontoon Elite
5. Classic & Classic Elite
6. Performance & Performance Elite
7. Liability Only
8. Personal Watercraft Insurance

Foremost Boat Insurance Coverage

The Foremost Pay OnlineInsurance Package covers the Following Coverages :

  • Personal Property
  • Trailer
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance
  • Medical Payments.
  • Uninsured Watercraft
  • Personal Liability
  • Watercraft Physical Damage

Foremost Boat Insurance Discounts

There are various types of discounts that the foremost insurance Login company provides. It depends upon the type of insurance package you are buying. Usually there is more discount on packages with more premiums. Some of the discounts available are:

  • Lay-Up Discount
  • Paid in Full Discount
  • Boating Safety Course
  • Protective Device Discount
  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Multi-Unit Discount
  • Loss Free Renewal Discount
  • Prior Insurance
  • Insured Age Discount
  • Affinity and Alliance Discounts

Foremost Boat Insurance Features

  • Total Loss Replacement Settlement
  • Diminishing Deductible
  • Partial Loss Settlement
  • Dinghy/Tender
  • Boat Lift/Hoist/Cradle
  • Hurricane Haul-Out
  • Enhanced Towing Services
  • Fishing Tournament Fee Reimbursement
  • Bahamas/Mexico Navigation
  • Additional Pollution Liability
  • Pet Coverage
  • Trip Interruption
  • Lay-Up Discount
  • Paid In Full Discount
  • Protective Devices Discount
  • Safety Course Discount
  • Loss-Free Discount
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